Here’s Tina!

chefThis site is dedicated to healthy food and healthy living. I have been in the culinary business for many years now. I worked for many top restaurants all over the southern Unites States, being from Louisiana I have specialized in Cajun and other southern foods. These foods unfortunately however, are usually deep fried and very fattening. These were the kinds of food that I served and they were the kinds of food that I ate…

This all changed five years ago when the doctor told me that I had a the beginning stages of clogged arteries.

I got scared and decided to change my life. I was a foodie before cooking and eating some of the best food, but not watching the fat and calorie intake. Well, I am a Health Foodie now, and as a health nut I am watching all nutritional elements of what goes into my pan as well as what goes into my mouth.