How Miraculous Some Foods Can Be For Your Sore Throat

Here it comes again, the season where everyone takes ill. Thinking about it now, there isn’t a specific season anymore now to fall sick, anywhere & any day – sickness strikes. It always starts with us feeling sore in the throat. Once you get this symptom, we suggest that you try these options to shoo it away or make your very aching throat feel a teeny bit better.


First of all – no ice! No cooling food whatsoever, no oily, spicy food as well. What you really should be putting in your body (which goes down your throat first) is hot or soothing foods and drinks. The most common one is honey & lemon. Honey acts as a natural source of replacement for cough mixture, it doesn’t make you drowsy & most importantly, it doesn’t make you cringe like cough mixtures does when swallowing it. Chamomile tea also actions as a natural cough mixture because of its abilities to replace pain killers and helps to lessen coughing.

As for solids, try eating some porridge or mashed potatoes while you’re sipping down your honey lemon or chamomile tea, which is one of the best things to drink for singers, as seen in aaron anastasi’s superior singing method. Not only are these foods soft and not to mention, very appetizing but it also has the nutrients your body is lacking which has made you fall sick. If you’re not the kind of person who prefers soft foods, then why not try something which is soup based like mushroom soup, carrot soup or here’s a famous one when it comes to fighting illness – chicken soup!

Tamarind juice! This is an old school remedy which has been used in many families for generations when it comes to sore throats or losing voices. Just take a handful of tamarind and soak it in hot or room temperature water and mix it together. Use a strainer to drain the juice out & throw out the seeds. Voilà! It’s all ready to cure that sore throat of yours.

Avoid medication & try these foods & drinks, when you do or even when you don’t have a sore throat. It’ll work like magic!