How To Capture Mouth Watering Images For A Healthy Cookbook

When you go to the library or bookshop, and visit the section with cook books, you will find an array of books describing so many food recipes accompanied with beautiful images of the foods being described. Sometimes you see images of food in a magazine and your mouth starts watering. You can’t help but picture the same in your mouth. Your imagination takes the better of you and the only thing you want is to have that particular food at that particular moment. Well, you could always dial up and make an order to satisfy your curiosity. But have you ever wondered how that photo turned out so beautifully? Obviously someone had to capture that image and to bring it out so wonderfully requires skills. Here are a few tips on how to capture mouth watering images for a healthy cookbook in case you decide to have one of your own.

1.Perfect Lighting.

The first basic concept in photography is to always find good lighting for the image you intend to capture. When capturing the food-image, strive to have as much natural lighting as possible. This is because natural light helps to make the image captured look more natural. Let’s say you are capturing an image of fruits in a bowl, you can always photograph them near a window. This will ensure that you have as much natural light as possible and the fruits maintain their natural color and look.

2. Setting

Take into account the context in which you place the food and not only the arrangement. Do not congest the scene with a complete table setting but only a few items like maybe a spoon, fork, knife and a napkin. These items can always be arranged in the background or foreground of the shot you are taking.

3.Style the food.

The arrangement of the food on the plate and table is very important. Be attentive to the balance of elements such as shape and color of food in a shot. This is necessary to increase the appeal of the resultant image and make it more pleasant to the eye. Good arrangement will also provide a path into the shot.

4.Get the right angle and focus.

Several beginners in photography like taking shots that focus down on a plate from above. In some instances this works but the most ideal way to do it is by taking your shot closer to the plate level or slightly higher.

Unless you are a seasoned photographer who can get the perfect shot with just one take, it is always advisable that you take several shots quickly and later on pick the right one. This is also important because then you can use a third eye to assist you in making the right pick. But if you like to make more out of your picture, then please see Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook by Evan Sharboneau.

When taking photos of fresh farm produce like fruits or vegetable, you can sprinkle a little water on them to add that element of freshness. This will make them appear in the resulting photo as if they have just been taken straight from the garden. Photography is fun and so ensure that you enjoy it as you take great shots for your healthy cook book.