A Guide to Foods That Reduce Your Anxiety

foods to reduce stress

Are you always suffering from panic attacks or anxiety time after time? Are you maintaining a healthy eating habit? There are many people who experience anxiety and this has caused troubles to their lives and they don’t have a clue or remedy for it. If you are the one, you should worry no more because foods to reduce anxiety do come in handy. They do act as anxiety drugs and you will be surprised why your doctor or nutritionist may have not informed you about them. You need to monitor the diet that you are eating if you want to relieve yourself from this suffering.

As you are aware, since time immemorial, specific foods were used to cure diseases effectively and anxiety is not an exception. Your brains need to perform at its optimal if you want to keep depression at bay. You are supposed to eat a lot of superfoods such as acacia berries and blueberries. Why? They do act as antioxidants which will in turn relieve you from stress. They also act as stress busters as they do contain Vitamin C. One should increase intake of wholegrain rather than processed ones. When you do that, you will increase the level of magnesium in you body. A person whose body is less of magnesium is always at risk of depression and anxiety.

Do you mind about how much fatty acids your body contains? Omega 3 should be part and parcel of your diet as they help in maintaining adrenaline at normal state. When your adrenaline is stable, a simple tension that comes your way will not trigger anxiety. Foods that are rich in omega 3 are spinach and salmon just but to mention. You are also cautioned against drinking excess caffeine which is a stimulant and is known to trigger this condition.

The last but not the least is to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.There is a high chance of being anxious when your body is dehydrated. For a full blown course on overcoming anxiety, please see the panic away program.