Multi Vitamin Easter Bunny


I have wanted to write an article about vitamin intake for some time now. Is it really healthy to take Vitamins and if so what is the limit that we should place upon ourselves when it comes to our vitamin intake? How many vitamins are too many? I have known some people that take hundreds of vitamins in a week time. I usually take a One a day, and then maybe two other supplements. I remember one time accidentally taking two One a Day vitamins; I had forgotten that I had taken one in the morning and took one again that night. It was a bad night, for whatever reason the vitamin overload did not help me and it was not a pleasant experience. My heart began to race in the middle of the night; it was actually kind of frightening. So from that experience alone I began to think that there is such a thing as vitamin overload. A One a Day is a multi-vitamin, so it is giving you maximum vitamin intake for a wide variety of areas. One a Day has 21 vitamins in one capsule.

Now if your eyes are hurting from reading all of that and you are ready to reach for the fish oil to improve your eye sight, just bear with me here. A lot goes into multiple vitamin capsules. It is all crammed into one pill so we forget that it is essentially already taking 21 pills in one. So that night it slipped my mind and I took my second it was like I was ingesting 42 vitamin pills in one day,  and the doubling of those 21 for me proved to be unsettling. Too much magnesium may have been the problem; it has been proven that an overload of magnesium has a direct effect on the airways and the cardiovascular system. I myself being an asthma sufferer and having a long history of not being able to breathe, am particularly sensitive to fluctuating magnesium levels. In fact different times that I had asthmatic attacks it has been suggested to me to take magnesium supplement. But the doctor’s directive was to take one magnesium supplement not to take two multi-vitamins with a double magnesium dose.

So we need to be very careful about the vitamins and supplements that we put into our bodies. Since it is so easy to take vitamins in their pill form it is also that easy to mess up and take too much of the wrong nutrient into your system. This is very easy to do. That is why nature did not intend for us to take vitamins compacted into a pill form, we were meant to slowly take in our nutrients through the gradual eating process. When we are eating certain foods, if we are beginning to eat too much of a certain food, gaining too much of a certain nutrient our body will let us know.

One goofy example of this effect hit me last Easter. I have always loved hard boiled eggs, especially hardboiled eggs sprinkled with salt. One Easter, the Easter Bunny was very kind to my kids, my son and daughter brought home baskets of Easter eggs. They went on an Easter Egg hunt at our church. Well my kids weren’t gonna eat them, they never liked hard boiled eggs. So they gave them to me. It is a bit embarrassing but I got out my salt shaker and went to town on these Easter bad boys. After my fifth egg however (don’t judge!) my body told me it was time to stop! It wasn’t just being full, I hadn’t eaten much at all that day besides the eggs, it was more like my body had just had enough of that same thing over and over, and switched off my desire for the food source. Suddenly the eggs that had been tasty minutes before, tasted bad to me, I didn’t even want to look at them and put them away. Our body is great at doing this, when we are slowly eating one food source, the body gives a signal that enough is enough. But when you ingest vitamins, your body doesn’t know what hit it, there is just no time, once the pill dissolves; you get hit all at once. So I believe that vitamins are only useful in moderation and if you can take the time to know exactly what it is that you are putting into your body.