Let’s Get Health Foodie!

Hey Health Foodie followers! I just wanted to share with you a new method of preparing lean chicken that I discovered through the wonderful medium of YouTube! In this video I saw a health guru prepare raw chicken breasts. First he placed some light Olive Oil in the pan. According to the video you just want to put a little drop, really just barely cover the bottom of the pan with the oil. And then put in the Chicken, if you like you can lightly distribute some basil on top. After that administer a few drops of lemon and then put the stove on a low simmer. The key thing about this video is that it explains that the recipe is the best if you let the Chicken cook on a low heat. In a rush we often try to cook things on high to keep them fast, this can kill what would otherwise be a healthy and nourishing dish. I know from my previous tradition with southern cooking that we would just throw it in the deep fry and it would be cooked up at a tremendous heat within seconds. This is the difference between these two methods.

The longer you cook anything the more nutrients you are burning up. Essentially the longer you cook it the more unhealthy the food will get, a lot of people don’t realize that. That is why raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones. The longer you boil those vegetables the more natural nutrients and minerals are dissolved. Healthy food takes time if you want to retain its healthy quality. This is how you can know that any food that is prepared fast is probably not healthy, so next time you go to McDonalds, just do a bit of mental association and associate Fast Food with Fat Food. If it is made fast it will make you fat. It was very interesting to see this health professional in this you tube video take heed of this very important fact in health food cooking.