What Caused me to Become a Health Foodie

We really need to take better care of ourselves, and as readers of this blog know, I reached that realization for myself five years ago. I mean I never thought I was in that bad of shape.

Even five years ago when I was told my arteries were getting clogged, I thought that I had been in decent shape. I was only 27 and I wasn’t overweight, the doctor even said that day I was checked out, weight was not a factor. (see more of me here)

I know a lot of the times we picture people with clogged up arteries or high cholesterol we picture them as some obese fat person but I was a slender one woman with some messed up arteries. I didn’t eat that much and got enough exercise, those parts of my life were ok.

But when I did eat it was all the wrong kind of food, and then add on top of that a family history of high cholesterol. So the doctor’s report certainly opened my eyes to some changes I needed to make.

I blame a lot of my early diet problems on my inherited culinary heritage growing up in Lousiana. You know here in the south we like our stuff deep fried. The more fried the better. If we deep fried a paper towel it would taste good to us. That is just the lifestyle here.

I was just lucky that I corrected my behavior at a fairly young age. After that fateful doctor visit five years ago I cut out all fried food from my diet, I don’t even fry my vegetables anymore. And I’m Cajun! I used to love stir fry! But you know what, besides depriving my taste buds of deep fried cuisine, I feel really great. I have more energy, more focus and generally feel happier.

My tastes have started to change to. And that is the funny thing, a lot of what we like and enjoy to eat is simply what we have been conditioned to. I am not so sure that fried food would even taste that good to  me anymore. Fried food has been a staple of the south mostly due to the poorer lifestyle most of the inhabitants had, having to take wild game and deep fry it to make it seem edible.

A region just gets used to a certain taste and after so many generations you get automatically programmed into thinking that food tastes good. Well I just changed my programming. And this son of the south does not compute deep fried cooking anymore.

Now I like salad and lean chicken breast marinated with lemon. I have become a health foodie. The food we eat makes up who we are and I am not falling into the trap of the south that fried is better. Give me some raw vegetables please. Because like I said you could deep fry just about anything and think it tastes good. And we are what we eat and I don’t want to be a deep fried paper towel!