How Miraculous Some Foods Can Be For Your Sore Throat

Here it comes again, the season where everyone takes ill. Thinking about it now, there isn’t a specific season anymore now to fall sick, anywhere & any day – sickness strikes. It always starts with us feeling sore in the throat. Once you get this symptom, we suggest that you try these options to shoo it away or make your very aching throat feel a teeny bit better.


First of all – no ice! No cooling food whatsoever, no oily, spicy food as well. What you really should be putting in your body (which goes down your throat first) is hot or soothing foods and drinks. The most common one is honey & lemon. Honey acts as a natural source of replacement for cough mixture, it doesn’t make you drowsy & most importantly, it doesn’t make you cringe like cough mixtures does when swallowing it. Chamomile tea also actions as a natural cough mixture because of its abilities to replace pain killers and helps to lessen coughing.

As for solids, try eating some porridge or mashed potatoes while you’re sipping down your honey lemon or chamomile tea, which is one of the best things to drink for singers, as seen in aaron anastasi’s superior singing method. Not only are these foods soft and not to mention, very appetizing but it also has the nutrients your body is lacking which has made you fall sick. If you’re not the kind of person who prefers soft foods, then why not try something which is soup based like mushroom soup, carrot soup or here’s a famous one when it comes to fighting illness – chicken soup!

Tamarind juice! This is an old school remedy which has been used in many families for generations when it comes to sore throats or losing voices. Just take a handful of tamarind and soak it in hot or room temperature water and mix it together. Use a strainer to drain the juice out & throw out the seeds. Voilà! It’s all ready to cure that sore throat of yours.

Avoid medication & try these foods & drinks, when you do or even when you don’t have a sore throat. It’ll work like magic!

How To Capture Mouth Watering Images For A Healthy Cookbook

When you go to the library or bookshop, and visit the section with cook books, you will find an array of books describing so many food recipes accompanied with beautiful images of the foods being described. Sometimes you see images of food in a magazine and your mouth starts watering. You can’t help but picture the same in your mouth. Your imagination takes the better of you and the only thing you want is to have that particular food at that particular moment. Well, you could always dial up and make an order to satisfy your curiosity. But have you ever wondered how that photo turned out so beautifully? Obviously someone had to capture that image and to bring it out so wonderfully requires skills. Here are a few tips on how to capture mouth watering images for a healthy cookbook in case you decide to have one of your own.

1.Perfect Lighting.

The first basic concept in photography is to always find good lighting for the image you intend to capture. When capturing the food-image, strive to have as much natural lighting as possible. This is because natural light helps to make the image captured look more natural. Let’s say you are capturing an image of fruits in a bowl, you can always photograph them near a window. This will ensure that you have as much natural light as possible and the fruits maintain their natural color and look.

2. Setting

Take into account the context in which you place the food and not only the arrangement. Do not congest the scene with a complete table setting but only a few items like maybe a spoon, fork, knife and a napkin. These items can always be arranged in the background or foreground of the shot you are taking.

3.Style the food.

The arrangement of the food on the plate and table is very important. Be attentive to the balance of elements such as shape and color of food in a shot. This is necessary to increase the appeal of the resultant image and make it more pleasant to the eye. Good arrangement will also provide a path into the shot.

4.Get the right angle and focus.

Several beginners in photography like taking shots that focus down on a plate from above. In some instances this works but the most ideal way to do it is by taking your shot closer to the plate level or slightly higher.

Unless you are a seasoned photographer who can get the perfect shot with just one take, it is always advisable that you take several shots quickly and later on pick the right one. This is also important because then you can use a third eye to assist you in making the right pick. But if you like to make more out of your picture, then please see Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook by Evan Sharboneau.

When taking photos of fresh farm produce like fruits or vegetable, you can sprinkle a little water on them to add that element of freshness. This will make them appear in the resulting photo as if they have just been taken straight from the garden. Photography is fun and so ensure that you enjoy it as you take great shots for your healthy cook book.

A Guide to Foods That Reduce Your Anxiety

foods to reduce stress

Are you always suffering from panic attacks or anxiety time after time? Are you maintaining a healthy eating habit? There are many people who experience anxiety and this has caused troubles to their lives and they don’t have a clue or remedy for it. If you are the one, you should worry no more because foods to reduce anxiety do come in handy. They do act as anxiety drugs and you will be surprised why your doctor or nutritionist may have not informed you about them. You need to monitor the diet that you are eating if you want to relieve yourself from this suffering.

As you are aware, since time immemorial, specific foods were used to cure diseases effectively and anxiety is not an exception. Your brains need to perform at its optimal if you want to keep depression at bay. You are supposed to eat a lot of superfoods such as acacia berries and blueberries. Why? They do act as antioxidants which will in turn relieve you from stress. They also act as stress busters as they do contain Vitamin C. One should increase intake of wholegrain rather than processed ones. When you do that, you will increase the level of magnesium in you body. A person whose body is less of magnesium is always at risk of depression and anxiety.

Do you mind about how much fatty acids your body contains? Omega 3 should be part and parcel of your diet as they help in maintaining adrenaline at normal state. When your adrenaline is stable, a simple tension that comes your way will not trigger anxiety. Foods that are rich in omega 3 are spinach and salmon just but to mention. You are also cautioned against drinking excess caffeine which is a stimulant and is known to trigger this condition.

The last but not the least is to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.There is a high chance of being anxious when your body is dehydrated. For a full blown course on overcoming anxiety, please see the panic away program.

Five Tips to Keep Your Voice Healthy

The sound your voice makes is indubitably of great significance when you are verbally expressing an idea, by way of speech or singing. As a matter of fact, if you want to score up and up in singing—auditions, performances, recording and all—you have no choice but to keep your voice healthy. As such, this article shares some crucial tips on how to keep your voice healthy for perfect singing. Read on to have the opportunity to know.

1. Like an Athlete for Sports, Train Your Voice and Body

This is simple but will ask from you discipline and consistency—learn the right techniques for singing, do not force yourself or overuse the voice, allow yourself enough rest, engage a well balanced and healthy diet. Singers are like vocal gymnasts who should traverse their artistic sport and its field with seamless flexibility. And lke gymnasts, any professional singer who dreams to maintain or improve must keep a disciplined practice routine, however with intermittent periods of rest and recovery to present an optimal level, no matter what genre.

2. Free Your Voice to Shine

One thing you should is imitating someone else’s singing style or voice pitch, for this forces you to sing and perform related actions outside the comfort of your psychological reach or the present skill. Although invisible, this has an insidious harm to your vocal cord. Also let you stay reminded that imitating someone who’s already a star won’t earn you fame but ridicule. You want to be the next Whitney Houston, not by being copycat, but yourself.

3. Pace Yourself

You are preparing for forthcoming auditions or a show and you want to thrill and win? Pace yourself as well as your voice. Reality is, you cannot get the thing impeccable and irreproachable by doing sporadic exercises or practices. To set yourself straight and square, sing and exercise in smaller increments of pace, say 30 to 40 hours every day, steadily building muscular ability and tenacity.

4. Keep Off Phonotraumatic Behaviors Like Screaming, Yelling, and Singing Too Loudly

Just like clapping your palms real hard and furious, your vocal folds bang each other harder when you unnecessarily and tactlessly increase your vocal intensity. Habituate yourself to such behaviors and your vocal folds will be negatively impacted, becoming red and swollen. Protracted phonotrauma can adversely alter the folds, vocal fold nodules, for instance.

NOTE: If you’re looking for more tips on fully developing your voice, please visit Superior Singing Method Reviews for more info.

5. Ensure Adequate Hydration

Make it certain to drink plenty water and avoid caffeinated beverages all the day. There’s nothing you eat and drink that really gets to the vocal folds, however substantial hydration lets the mucus act like lubrication for production of fine sound, instead of staying dry and croaky.

Multi Vitamin Easter Bunny


I have wanted to write an article about vitamin intake for some time now. Is it really healthy to take Vitamins and if so what is the limit that we should place upon ourselves when it comes to our vitamin intake? How many vitamins are too many? I have known some people that take hundreds of vitamins in a week time. I usually take a One a day, and then maybe two other supplements. I remember one time accidentally taking two One a Day vitamins; I had forgotten that I had taken one in the morning and took one again that night. It was a bad night, for whatever reason the vitamin overload did not help me and it was not a pleasant experience. My heart began to race in the middle of the night; it was actually kind of frightening. So from that experience alone I began to think that there is such a thing as vitamin overload. A One a Day is a multi-vitamin, so it is giving you maximum vitamin intake for a wide variety of areas. One a Day has 21 vitamins in one capsule.

Now if your eyes are hurting from reading all of that and you are ready to reach for the fish oil to improve your eye sight, just bear with me here. A lot goes into multiple vitamin capsules. It is all crammed into one pill so we forget that it is essentially already taking 21 pills in one. So that night it slipped my mind and I took my second it was like I was ingesting 42 vitamin pills in one day,  and the doubling of those 21 for me proved to be unsettling. Too much magnesium may have been the problem; it has been proven that an overload of magnesium has a direct effect on the airways and the cardiovascular system. I myself being an asthma sufferer and having a long history of not being able to breathe, am particularly sensitive to fluctuating magnesium levels. In fact different times that I had asthmatic attacks it has been suggested to me to take magnesium supplement. But the doctor’s directive was to take one magnesium supplement not to take two multi-vitamins with a double magnesium dose.

So we need to be very careful about the vitamins and supplements that we put into our bodies. Since it is so easy to take vitamins in their pill form it is also that easy to mess up and take too much of the wrong nutrient into your system. This is very easy to do. That is why nature did not intend for us to take vitamins compacted into a pill form, we were meant to slowly take in our nutrients through the gradual eating process. When we are eating certain foods, if we are beginning to eat too much of a certain food, gaining too much of a certain nutrient our body will let us know.

One goofy example of this effect hit me last Easter. I have always loved hard boiled eggs, especially hardboiled eggs sprinkled with salt. One Easter, the Easter Bunny was very kind to my kids, my son and daughter brought home baskets of Easter eggs. They went on an Easter Egg hunt at our church. Well my kids weren’t gonna eat them, they never liked hard boiled eggs. So they gave them to me. It is a bit embarrassing but I got out my salt shaker and went to town on these Easter bad boys. After my fifth egg however (don’t judge!) my body told me it was time to stop! It wasn’t just being full, I hadn’t eaten much at all that day besides the eggs, it was more like my body had just had enough of that same thing over and over, and switched off my desire for the food source. Suddenly the eggs that had been tasty minutes before, tasted bad to me, I didn’t even want to look at them and put them away. Our body is great at doing this, when we are slowly eating one food source, the body gives a signal that enough is enough. But when you ingest vitamins, your body doesn’t know what hit it, there is just no time, once the pill dissolves; you get hit all at once. So I believe that vitamins are only useful in moderation and if you can take the time to know exactly what it is that you are putting into your body.

Let’s Get Health Foodie!

Hey Health Foodie followers! I just wanted to share with you a new method of preparing lean chicken that I discovered through the wonderful medium of YouTube! In this video I saw a health guru prepare raw chicken breasts. First he placed some light Olive Oil in the pan. According to the video you just want to put a little drop, really just barely cover the bottom of the pan with the oil. And then put in the Chicken, if you like you can lightly distribute some basil on top. After that administer a few drops of lemon and then put the stove on a low simmer. The key thing about this video is that it explains that the recipe is the best if you let the Chicken cook on a low heat. In a rush we often try to cook things on high to keep them fast, this can kill what would otherwise be a healthy and nourishing dish. I know from my previous tradition with southern cooking that we would just throw it in the deep fry and it would be cooked up at a tremendous heat within seconds. This is the difference between these two methods.

The longer you cook anything the more nutrients you are burning up. Essentially the longer you cook it the more unhealthy the food will get, a lot of people don’t realize that. That is why raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones. The longer you boil those vegetables the more natural nutrients and minerals are dissolved. Healthy food takes time if you want to retain its healthy quality. This is how you can know that any food that is prepared fast is probably not healthy, so next time you go to McDonalds, just do a bit of mental association and associate Fast Food with Fat Food. If it is made fast it will make you fat. It was very interesting to see this health professional in this you tube video take heed of this very important fact in health food cooking.

What Caused me to Become a Health Foodie

We really need to take better care of ourselves, and as readers of this blog know, I reached that realization for myself five years ago. I mean I never thought I was in that bad of shape.

Even five years ago when I was told my arteries were getting clogged, I thought that I had been in decent shape. I was only 27 and I wasn’t overweight, the doctor even said that day I was checked out, weight was not a factor. (see more of me here)

I know a lot of the times we picture people with clogged up arteries or high cholesterol we picture them as some obese fat person but I was a slender one woman with some messed up arteries. I didn’t eat that much and got enough exercise, those parts of my life were ok.

But when I did eat it was all the wrong kind of food, and then add on top of that a family history of high cholesterol. So the doctor’s report certainly opened my eyes to some changes I needed to make.

I blame a lot of my early diet problems on my inherited culinary heritage growing up in Lousiana. You know here in the south we like our stuff deep fried. The more fried the better. If we deep fried a paper towel it would taste good to us. That is just the lifestyle here.

I was just lucky that I corrected my behavior at a fairly young age. After that fateful doctor visit five years ago I cut out all fried food from my diet, I don’t even fry my vegetables anymore. And I’m Cajun! I used to love stir fry! But you know what, besides depriving my taste buds of deep fried cuisine, I feel really great. I have more energy, more focus and generally feel happier.

My tastes have started to change to. And that is the funny thing, a lot of what we like and enjoy to eat is simply what we have been conditioned to. I am not so sure that fried food would even taste that good to  me anymore. Fried food has been a staple of the south mostly due to the poorer lifestyle most of the inhabitants had, having to take wild game and deep fry it to make it seem edible.

A region just gets used to a certain taste and after so many generations you get automatically programmed into thinking that food tastes good. Well I just changed my programming. And this son of the south does not compute deep fried cooking anymore.

Now I like salad and lean chicken breast marinated with lemon. I have become a health foodie. The food we eat makes up who we are and I am not falling into the trap of the south that fried is better. Give me some raw vegetables please. Because like I said you could deep fry just about anything and think it tastes good. And we are what we eat and I don’t want to be a deep fried paper towel!